Friday, October 5, 2007

Back from the District Office

District Office
8:45 a.m. arrival
9:19 a.m. sign in
1:11 p.m. leave the district office

I just got back and, unfortunately, without any money. This time the district says that too much was taken out for federal taxes and retirement. Since they had given me two emergency paychecks, they needed to take extra money out for taxes and retirement. Now this is what I ask myself, "What happened to the 30% of each of the two of my emergency paychecks that they were keeping for this purpose?" I certainly should not be taxed in a higher tax bracket. Or am I being taxed in a higher tax bracket because I was supposedly overpaid by the district? These questions were not answered. I was told that they would be figuring it out and I would get the money back at the end of the year. This is all I can hope for. The media was present today and teachers were finally being interviewed and LISTENED to. Thank goodness!

I did hear some good news today regarding my personal situation. I was told that I no longer owe the district money that they claimed that I owed them. The woman from payroll told me that this had been "washed" from the system. I don't know how they can do this. Maybe the other 30% of my paycheck was washed away too!

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lorena said...

I have heard of so many teachers who dread going to the district because nobody really seems to know what's going on.